The LKJ Chronology
Annual Meeting, July 5, 2008, page 3

Mayers: Rick and Paula.

Nancy Evans.

Tom Drought considers the food while Paula Mayer and Susan Tillman relate.

Don Read lobbying El Presidente.

Don Read conspiring with Hal Zager.
Dick Stanley and Don Kurtz. Not caught on "film": Phyllis Kurtz.

Zellmers: Mary, Jesse, Brittany, Steve.

Pam Baker, Tommy Walker, Jay Franke, Adam Lubin, Alex Franke.

Paula Mayer and Gail (Stanley) Lewis.

Droughts: Adam, Liza, Matt, Tommy; (in back) Nancy and T. J.

Adam and T.J. Drought, John Mahoney.
Tom Drought, Donread, Lorraine Rykesten (Cindy's mother), Cindy Uhen.    
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