Military Road Reconstruction 2007
Message sent 2/17/2007:
Greetings --

This message is going out to a broad swath of people on the Lake Julia list, including the many members of the Lake Julia Association for whom we have e-mailing addresses. The Association Board has not discussed or acted on this matter; this message is informational.

In recent weeks, there has been a good deal of publicity about the proposed reconstruction and widening of Military Road. This project would reportedly involve removal of a number of the landmark white and red pines that border the road. Attached is an article from the Rhinelander Daily News concerning the January meeting of the Three Lakes Town Board concerning the project. At a subsequent February 6 meeting, the Town Board voted 3-2 in favor of the project. If Three Lakes is typical of small governing bodies, a 3-2 vote is unusual and may indicate that the matter is not settled.

The information available through the links below does not, unfortunately, indicate much about the scope of the project. How much widening? How many trees? Is the entire 17-mile length of Military Road involved? An organization is being formed to "save" Military Road, apparently led by individuals associated with our own Teaching Drum School; it is meeting on WEDNESDAY, FEB 21 in Three Lakes (see link below). Perhaps that meeting will produce some specific project information that can be shared with all of us. (For example, who is paying for this project? How much?) Among the people receiving this message, some should be in attendance.

As most of you know, Military Road is one of the real jewels of the Nicolet. Few would argue that much of the road would not benefit from repaving. But those who have driven it many times would also admit that a "better" Military Road would just permit increased speed -- and increase the existing temptations to take those corners and hills a little too fast.

The political geography is notable. Three Lakes town center is located five miles west of Military Road. The Oneida/Forest County line runs north-south perhaps one mile east of winding Military Road, much less at some points. Military Road is a de facto north-south route for the Town of Hiles: Forest County and its westernmost municipality, the Town of Hiles, have a greater interest in Military Road than the Town of Three Lakes. I do not know if the Town of Hiles or Forest County has been involved in this discussion, or has taken any position on the project. And the National Forest would have an interest for any number of reasons; can we assume that agency supports this project?

If we receive substantial information, I will share it with the Lake Julia Association list and anyone else showing an interest.

Jay R. Franke
Secretary, Lake Julia Association
Relevant address: 11785 Sheltered Valley Road, Town of Hiles


The "" organization now being formed:

Other news and comment links:

Other organizational links


Copies of this message are being sent to:

  • Town of Hiles Board, hoping for a response from them. Thank you for publishing your e-mail addresses.
  • Three Lakes Town Administrator. Can details of the project be communicated in some way?
  • Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest contacts, of uncertain relevance.
  • Does any of these lake associations have a position on this?
    • Butternut-Franklin Lakes Improvement Association
    • Three Lakes Waterfront Assn.
    • Anvil Lake Association

The Forest County Association of Lakes seems to have no contact information whatsoever on its web page.

Forest County has no e-mail information on its website. The county supervisor representing the Town of Hiles is:

William E. Bonack
9328 Old 32
Hiles, WI 54511
Phone: (715) 649-3425


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