Celebrity Sightings at the Annual Meeting

There were too many luminaries at the annual Lake Julia residents meeting to capture them all, but we did our best before the rains came. Apologies for any missing or incorrect identifications; send us corrections.

(right) Chuck and Susan Munkwitz, Sharon and Steve Piper, and Charles "Pete" Schleuter.

(above left) Brian Doyle and Amy (Ringenoldus) Doyle.

(below left) Bill Reckmeyer, Lynne and David Stern, with Steve Zellmer looming in back.

(above right) Our hosts for the 2006 meeting, Bob and Elaine Ringenoldus.

(below right) Chris O'Conner and David Mitzner.

(above) Baker and Alex Franke took the slow boat around the windy point to Ringenoldus'; at least the rainy trip home was downwind.

The Reckmeyer team: ______, _______, _______, Jane and Bill Reckmeyer.