Annual Meeting 2006, at Camp Ringenoldus

The Saturday of the 2006 Annual Meeting dawned cloudy and stayed that way. Until the skies opened during the resident meeting.

(right) The crowd pays rapt attention as the resident meeting unfolds; here are Fred Mayer, Jane Reckmeyer, Ellen Drought, Mary Read, Cindy Read-Coakley, host Bob Ringenoldus and Bettye Drought.

(left) Your Board of Directors at work, before the general resident meeting, in Droughts' living room.

(right) Chairman of the Board John Snell holds forth during the general meeting, supported by Steve Zellmer (with beverage) and Kim Starke.

(right) Dave Mitzner makes some point while spouse Chris O'Conner (left) puts up her hood against the rain and hopes that he will finish shortly.

The Wolf Lady: Nancy Warren

A highlight of the meeting was the presentation by Nancy Warren concerning the reintroduction of wolves into the Northwoods. She brought along some pelts to prove it; we have charitably omitted the picture of one of us impersonating a wolf.

Nancy is on the Advisory Board of the Timber Wolf Alliance, a program of the Sigurd Olsen Environmental Institute at Northland College.

The Lake Julia Yacht Club ...