Lake Julia Association, Inc.
     Board of Directors

Minutes of the Lake Julia Association Meeting
at Rick and Paula Mayer’s

July 5, 2009

At the Board of Directors meeting, preceding the annual Lake Julia Association membership meeting, new officers were voted on. They are:

Gail Lewis – President
Dave Mitzner – Treasurer
Steve Zellmer
– Vice President
Susan Munkwitz – Secretary

John Snell and Fritz Mayer go off of the Board. Two new board members were nominated. The nominations were presented at the general meeting and voted on. The new board members are John Mahoney and Greg Uhen.

Past President John Snell introduced the new President, Gail Lewis, who than conducted the general meeting. Gail thanked John for all of his work as president.

Last year‘s minutes were approved as printed. They were emailed to everyone who had provided their address to the association.

Dave Mitzner gave the Treasurer’s report stating that there was over $400 in the general funds before paying for refreshments for this general meeting. The dues are $15 and they may be sent to David Mitzner at 144 South Ulster Street, Denver, CO 80230.

John Snell gave a report on the lake watch for invasive species specifically Eurasian milfoil weed. He spent about 40 hours last summer at the landing talking to people launching their boats. He asked them if they were aware of milfoil and he looked for any weeds on all of the boats and found none. The Three Lakes Waterfront Association will train people if they are willing to monitor our boat landing. John said that if anyone is interested in helping at the landing they should contact him. There was a discussion of testing the water quality of Lake Julia. Dave Mitzner will look into possibly hiring someone to test and monitor for changes in the lake and make suggestions if needed. It was noted that the Rusticus crayfish population is high this year. The bass are a natural predator of the crayfish so “catch and release” would be of benefit to the lake. A good link for more information on the rusty crayfish is

The boat landing is on private property and Kim Starke spoke about what he has done. He said that he had a friend backhoe it this year. People with four wheel drive can easily handle it. The vehicles with two wheel drive have difficulty. There was discussion of having the Lake Julia Association contribute to Kim for the upkeep and signage of the landing. Dave Mitzner will work on this with Kim.

The Board decided to join the Forest County Lakes Association at the cost of $25 per year. The newsletter could be sent to Jay Franke who could then email it out to all of the Lake Julia people.  They hold informational meetings that might be of interest to our members.

Gail Lewis talked about water safety with regard to boating. She passed out a sheet on water safety measures. With more boaters on the lake more precautions need to be taken. One suggestion would be to raise a flag in the skier’s boat when they have a skier down in the water when there are several boats out towing skiers and tubers. Also boaters are supposed to stay 100 feet from the shoreline.  There was discussion of no wake areas and signs.

The lake is low due to a drought that started in the 1950’s. The ground water levels are very low thus the lake is down. It is not because of the beaver dams. Steve Zellmer explained this.

It was announced that the Mahoneys, Ullrichs and Uhens purchased the 130 acres of land of the Puelicher property between Scott Lake Road and Puelicher Road. This brought up discussion of the remaining eight lots for sale. A meeting will be held Labor Day Weekend Saturday, September 5th at 10 AM at Mayer’s Point to discuss any way that these properties could be held in conservancy.  Steve Zellmer and Tom Drought were asked to make available any information they might have on the Northwoods Land Trust. Any and all input is welcome.
Gail Lewis announced that there are two baby loons nesting at grass island this year. She asked that boaters show consideration to the loons. Also she asked that property owners show consideration with regard to noise and lighting at night, specifically spotlights. TJ Drought thanked property owners for not having jet skis on the lake.

A few of the long time residents of the lake were asked to share stories with the group. Mary and Dick Stanley and Betty Drought spoke about their experiences.

Special thanks goes to Rick and Paula Mayer for hosting the meeting. Next year the Mahoneys will host the annual meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Munkwitz, Secretary