Lake Julia Association, Inc.
     Board of Directors
Minutes: Meeting of July 1, 2006

The annual meeting of the Board of Directors came to order at about noon at the Drought lake home. Present were Directors John Snell, Bette Drought, Susan Munkwitz, David Mitzner, Frederic A. Mayer and Jay Franke. There were no Directors absent.

The minutes of the first meeting of the Board were approved.


Miscellaneous Association expenses were reviewed and approved.

It was resolved that the member hosting the annual resident meeting will reimbursed in the amount of $75.00. This amount includes the provision of one (1) keg of beer.

On the motion of John Snell, it was resolved that the guest speaker for the annual resident meeting be reimbursed for travel costs in an amount of up to $50.00.

Invasive Species

There was discussion concerning reports of invasive aquatic plants in area lakes, notably Lake Metonga. None of those present was aware of any sighting to date of invasive plants in Lake Julia; however, the importance of education and vigilance was discussed. It was noted that "rusticated" crayfish are widespread in Lake Julia, and that they have been present for many years.

It was proposed that an educational program be offered during the summer of 2007 concerning invasive species. There was general agreement that this is a good idea. John Snell will research the program possibilities and report back to the Board. It may be possible to offer the program at a time adjacent to the annual resident meeting. The program might include a flotilla-sized tour of the lake, inspecting existing lake vegetation and noting the likely ways and locations where exotics may be introduced.

Someone reported the presence of "little mussel-like shells" at an uncertain location.

Secretary's note:

Personal Watercraft (aka Jet Skis)

Although Lake Julia has been spared - to date - from the problems associated with jet skis, the Board discussed ways in which they could be prohibited or discouraged. With one abstention, the Board resolved that:

  • The Association strongly discourages the use of jet skis on Lake Julia.
  • The Board recommends to all members that they not introduce jet skis to the lake, or permit visitors to introduce jet skis.

Boat Landing

It was noted that the "public" boat landing is not, in fact, owned by the public, but rather is part of the Starke parcel. The Starke's have permitted public access to the lake at this location since _____.

Last year, Kim Starke installed significant new signage at the landing concerning invasive species control. There was discussion about the willingness of the Association to reimburse Kim for the cost of this signage; however, it appeared that he was unlikely to accept any "public" funding of landing maintenance costs.

Association Dues

The Board resolved to continue association dues at the level of "$15/family". (Secretary's note: this may be construed as $15/house.) Dues may be remitted to Association Treasurer David Mitzner.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 pm, whereupon the Board members boated to Ringenoldus' for the annula resident meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Jay R. Franke

Note re Officers:

Officers of the Board were elected in 2005 to serve until their successors are duly elected. No action having been taken since, the officers remain:

  • President: John B. Snell
  • Vice President: Susan Munkwitz
  • Secretary: Jay R. Franke
  • Treasurer: David Mitzner

Pictures of the Meeting